City Planning and Development

The South Carolina General Assembly passed the Comprehensive Planning Act of 1994, which enables municipalities to implement planning and land use regulations.  The adoption of a comprehensive plan and establishment of a local planning commission is required by state law to adopt and implement land use regulations, including the City's Zoning Ordinance.

The City works to administer City Planning and Development through the adoption of a comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, and land development regulations which provide for a framework to promote orderly growth, reduce land use conflicts, provide for informed decisions on land use decisions, and help prepare for development through the expansion of public services and facilities to serve developing areas.

Roles and Responsibilities in the Planning Process 

Comprehensive Plan

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to provide a framework to help guide the development and redevelopment of the City of Abbeville during the next twenty years.  The plan must be continually evaluated and revised as circumstances change.  As required by State Law, the Abbeville Planning Commission is responsible for reevaluating the various elements of this plan every five years and preparing a comprehensive revision of the entire Comprehensive Plan every ten years.

Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Administrator ensures compliance to the City of Abbeville's Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Administrator reviews zoning request and schedules public hearings, permits signs, reviews plans to ensure compliance to zoning land use regulations, and enforces all provisions in the Zoning Ordinance.

City of Abbeville Zoning Ordinance

City of Abbeville Zoning Map (pdf)

 The Abbeville Zoning Office is located at the Abbeville Fire Department / Police Complex:

Abbeville Zoning Office
102 S. Main St.
Abbeville, SC 29620 Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM - 5PM
Phone: 864.366.9461
Fax: 864.366.5837

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